The city has an old tradition in the medical care field, the first hospital being opened in 1893 at the initiative of Dr. Szikszai Lazlo. The second hospital was used since 1913 and it houses today the Department of Infectious Disease.

Zalău enjoys public and private health facilities. Among the public ones, the most notable are: Sălaj County Public Health Agency, Veterinary and Food Safety Sălaj Agency, The Blood Transfusion Center in Zalău, County Ambulance Department, The County Emergency Hospital in Zalău.

      The Hospital includes several departments equipped with 753 beds, but also with labs, services, medical offices with no beds and an integrated outpatience service.

      Private medical units: two hospitals, one outpatience care service, four medical centers, seven labs and fifteen dental care labs. In Zalău, one can also find eleven medical offices in schools.


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