There is information proving that upper education existed in Zalău before 1646. The first documented mention of a school library dates back in 1689. Between 1870 and 1893 a pedagogical school for girls operated; since 1854 a catholic school for boys and a reform one for girls functioned; since 1873 a secondary school for boys became de Wesselenyi College, nowadays functions Silvania National College.

Public education enjoy 38 units: three universities, six lower secondary schools, nine upper secondary schools that also includes three departments for apprentice education, four post graduation upper education schools, school sports club, abilities education unit, excellence education unit, thirteen kindergardens. In Zalău the total number of students is approx. 12.500, approx. 2.100 children are in preschool education, approx. 4.800 students are included in upper secondary education and approx. 5.600 students attend the lower secondary education. These number of students are taught by approx. 1.500 teachers.

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