Zalău coat of arms was approved by the Government Decision no 685 of September the 30th 1998 and was published in the Official Monitor of legal acts, first part, no 390 of October 15, 1998.
     The coat of arms is composed by a red shield, a golden winged young man painted – the Archangel Michael. He keeps in his right hand a golden sword hitting the black dragon on which he steps. In the left hand the Archangel keeps a golden scale in balance; another element on the red background is the silvery creneled belt. The shield is marked with a silvery mural crown in seven battlements towers.

     The significance of the elements that compound the coat of arms:

  • The creneled belt signify the strategic importance of the settlement (gate to Transylvania region)
  • The winged young man - Archangel Michael – evokes the fight against the evil
  • The scale is the symbol of the right sharing, the attribute of the City Hall

     The coat of arms is used in documents, official papers, seals issued by Zalău City Hall or Local Council.

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