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The cout of arms (escutcheon) of the town

Through the Local Council decision nr. 128/2001, it was established that the Zalau cout of arms is made of a red shield with a golden winged young man. In his right arm he keeps a golden sword, fighting a black dragon and stepping on it. In his right hand he keeps a golden scales, on a red background one can see a silver crenelled girdle. On the upper place of the cout there is a silver crown made of seven crenelled towers signifying Zalau’s rank of town.
The elements on the cout of arms are symbols and they have a meaning:
- the crenelled girdle signifies the strategic importance of the town- the border between the Roman Empire and the Dacians and later the entrance gate to Transilvania.
- the winged young man signifies the fight against the evil
- the scales signifies the town administration power to share justice.

stema zalau
  1 Zalau City Hall works in a building that is worth being mentioned. According to the experts, the building housing today the Local Council and the Zalau City Hall was completed in 1889 and its original purpuse was to lodge the Prefecture, Law Court, Court and Prosecutor’s office of the Salaj county.
The building has a trapezoidal plan, with an interior yard with three entrances from the outside. It has semi-basement, ground floor and first floor. Like the building , the foundation is made of brick with wooden floor and small brick arches among the metallic beams, wooden framework and tile covering.
The inner courtyard presents on the two sides of the first floor a wooden balcony, supported by cast iron consoles. The railing is made of the same material. The internal and exterior carpentry is made of wood.
The front of the building is adorned in a neo-baroc style and the access is made through a portal guarded by two wrought ironed street lamps and two volute shaped consoles.
They support the balcony – also with wrought iron railing- while the access door is made of wood.
The mozaics of the floors used to have in those times, drawing with floral motifs while in the ground-floor corridors one can still notice the crossing archways.
The ceiling and walls of the council room are decorated with profiles and mirrors have been set among the long windows flanked with wrought iron brackets.
Originally festivity hall, the „ Avram Iancu” hall is enlightened by a grandiose chandelier , placed in the centre. sala avram iancuThe chandelier weights 1450 kg and was made of wrought iron. Through an elicoidal staircase one can pass in the balcony of the room.
The City Hall building is typical for the time it was built , its architects using unsophisticated and functional solutions, medieval adornments joined with novatory architectural elements. All details are perfectly harmonized, the result being a representative building for the Zalau town, of which its citizens are proud.